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Rabbi correct me if I'm wrong.

About two thousand years ago, more or less, some Prophet,Rabbi, whatever, got some people really mad. They had him Nailed to a cross, where he died. Supposedly, three days later, he was resurrected.

At this time all the graves in Jerusalem opened and people were wandering around the streets of Jerusalem?

Fast forward around three hundred and thirty years, and Emperor Constantine grants Christianity and Christians total freedom to practice their religion.

The beginnings of the Catholic church are formed, with one small problem. There is a passage in Matthew 27.

The Blood of Christ be on us and our children.

And I dare say that with the growth of Christianity , how it spread through out the then world, that Catholic priests, bishops , cardinals, popes,

Used that verse to incite Death, Rape, Torture, Pogroms, From the crusades to the Inquisition, to theThird Reich, to accuse the Jews of the Vilest of Vile lies.

Two thousand years of Non Stop hatred , being drummed into children,peoples, states, countries.

Even after the Catholic church in the nineteen sixties, removed the proclamation that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Christ, the hatred continues.

I could say more Rabbi, but this is my very humble take on a very terrible evil within all of mankind.

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Rabbi, I do not understand the world. Drawing a line in the cycle of hate then choosing sides seems short sided. I hope the fear of the people subsides soon. D

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